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Business Finance

Technology Start Ups

Technology Consumes Cash - Getting the Right Investors

Businesses within the technology industry often consume cash, so you need investors with deep pockets. Getting that right financing structure on Day One is key.

Maybe you have started and need some further cash? QR Ventures can definitely help. All of our team has years of experience with working with technology companies, which give us the edge. Why not find out for yourself, and call us now on 0330 053 6790 for confidential advice and support?

Selling the Technology to Clients

Getting the communication across for what you have to offer in as quick a time as possible is vital. You need to ensure you grab any potential client’s attention. Once you have this, you can then talk about their wants and needs, and how your technology will provide the solutions that they require.

For any business to survive, it needs to find customers, grab their attention and close the sale. QR Ventures can help with a marketing strategy; implementation and getting leads for your business.

All of our team has experience within the technology business sector, and has helped many businesses over the years. 

Protect Your Business - Intellectual Property

Your Intellectual property should stand you apart from the crowd. You may have a good understanding of the different types of intellectual property rights, but be unsure as to how they are identified, exploited or protected.

By contacting one of team today, we can go through your intellectual property with you and advise how this can be used to your advantage from either a marketing perspective or to aid fund-raising. Contact us now on 0330 053 6790 for more information, or email us via the contact us form.

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