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Business Marketing

Do You Make Enough Margins on Your Products?

Most people and businesses will buy products and services at a higher price than they need to because of convenience, reliability, confidence in the supplier and many other reasons.

The internet enables people to shop around and see the competitive offerings, furthermore there are many benefits that businesses will opt for in a relationship that will help deliver you a higher margin.

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Does Your Marketing Deliver Enough Leads?

To some people this will seem like a silly question. Many businesses are happy with their level of business even if they could make more profit. Times however are changing and companies have to change quickly to retain their position against newcomers, threats from the internet, new products and service offerings.

If your sales are not growing or even declining then it must be right to review your strategy and marketing tools. Perhaps you are just ambitious and want to test out how to grow the business more effectively. Whatever the reason, we can help. Call our team today on 0330 053 6790 for more information.

Low Conversion Rate of Leads to Sales

There are all sorts of reasons why this might be the case and it can be very frustrating if you get the leads but cannot close the sale. The only sensible way to work out what is happening is to examine the data and test changes to see if the conversion can be improved.

Very simply if the customer is expecting a particular offering when they become a lead, and then find out that the offering is not what they expected they will quickly change their mind. Potential customers will probably test several business offerings and there may be competitive differences or maybe the presentation is just not right.

We work hard with clients to deliver long term solutions, monitor progression and continually improve the success of business marketing.

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