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Performance Management

Four Steps To Performance Management

  1. Measurement – Establish performance measures, measurable behavioural goals and current behaviours.
  2. Appraisal – By comparing current behaviours with the different behavioural goals you can identify differences.
  3. Action – Implement a plan, and then for each difference you plan how to bring behaviours in line with goals.
  4. Monitor – Ensure any new plans are being followed, then at an appropriate time return to the appraisal stage to assess any impact.

Performance Management For Your Business

One of the key factors for all businesses is that all activities are centred on profit generation and return on investment. Most successful companies have a performance management process in place to enable them to ensure all objectives and monitors are focused on the successful achievement of the total business goal.

Performance management allows you to measure the performance of your business, by using the latest tools and technology. This results in a healthy business and motivated team.

Performance Management Principles

The two routes use the same principles but are applied in different ways.

Maximising Performance

Poor Performers

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