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Business Recovery

Bailiffs and HMRC Enforcement

Bailiffs and HMRC enforcers have the authority to recover goods from your premises to cover the value of the tax debt. Do you need advice on your business and tax debts? Give us a call on 0330 053 6790.

What happens if your business owes HMRC?

If owe HMRC money and you receive an HMRC enforcement notice you have two options:

• Pay the debt in full
• Negotiate a Time to Pay arrangement
If you ignore the notice or don’t respond in the agreed timeframes, then HMRC will send an enforcement officer of a Bailiff to your premises to recover goods to the value of the debt.

If you have received an HMRC enforcement notice it is important to speak to a qualified insolvency practitioner, in order to receive the best advice and to get advice about how to proceed. Call us today on 0330 053 6790.

What happens if an HMRC Enforcement officers and bailiff turns up?

HMRC may send an enforcement officer (an HMRC employee) or a Bailiff (not an HMRC employee) to your premises to collect a tax debt.

An HMRC Enforcement officer will always carry an identity card, which they will show you if you request it. A bailiff will show a letter authorising them to act on HMRC’s behalf. In either case they have both been sent at the authority of HMRC and have the power to recover goods to the value of the debt. However this is your business so you should be clear who it is you are dealing with. Make sure you take down names if you need to make a complaint about their conduct or behaviour.

Enforcement notices

Once you have received an enforcement notice, you then have 7 days to pay. The notice may be delivered to you in person, posted to you or attached to the outside of your building. Once received you then have 7 days to pay, unless you manage to negotiate a ‘Time to pay’ arrangement.

After 7 days, if you have not paid, they will return with a list of goods to be seized, this forms part of the Controlled Goods Agreement, which you will be asked to sign. If you sign it you will be given a further 7 days to pay the debt. If you refuse to sign your goods will be seized. The goods will be sold at a public auction and do not always reach their desired value, hence the reason why the officers take an excessive number of assets to cover the debts.

If you find yourself in debt or you receive an enforcement notice, seek expert advice immediately. The sooner you do, the sooner we may be able to help you. Call us today on 0330 053 6790 or email us at:

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