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Business Sale or Purchase

Finding The Right Acquisition

This might sound easy but it is far from, because what you get is not necessarily what you see; there may be some hidden surprises. But before you start out you need to be focused about what would be a good fit and why you should acquire; as opposed to organic growth. You need to search for the right fit.

It may be that you are searching for companies that are up for sale, or you may have approached a company directly. Regardless of which, at some point you will need to negotiate and finally when they have agreed to sell you will need to do due diligence.

We are happy to work with you at any stage, from defining the acquisition strategy; through to finding the purchase or post acquisition management.

Funding An Acquisition

There are number of ways of valuing a business, but at the end of the day the market value is what a buyer and seller will transact at. Some will be an excellent deal and some will not. You must be prepared to walk from a transaction if it is going to be too expensive.

The funding of a business depends upon what assets there are to use as security, how the banks will assist and how much cash you have to put in. It might also be necessary to seek an equity investor.

We can take you through all the options prior to stating the process so you are confident in finding a business that you can successfully purchase.

Selling Your Business - Getting it Ready For Sale

Selling your business can be a protracted affair, so getting it in good shape before you start is important. Any purchaser should be able to see that the following is stable; financial performance, accounting systems, personnel contracts, sales contracts, marketing materials. This is so when they do their due diligence, there are no areas that can put them off.

From a value point of view, maybe the business can show growth; and you can sell the opportunity for growth. This may mean a little more effort, as interested parties like a growing business.

We can help to grow your business, increase its value and remove the risk areas.

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