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Due Diligence

What is Due Diligence?

Due diligence is an investigation into the financial and commercial activities of a business in connection with a proposed acquisition or disposal of an interest in that company. This process includes gathering and analysis of legal, financial, marketing, personnel, contracts and commercial information.

It is highly likely that any potential buyer will want to put your company through this process to ensure that there are no issues. This is so the new owner can enter into the purchase with full knowledge of all the facts.

How Should You Organise Due Diligence?

External investors funding an acquisition will have their own due diligence requirements. If they are securing a loan against any assets, they may want to check out the legal position, the asset itself, the valuation and the company finances on capacity to pay.

However, as the business owner there are probably matters that you want to cover. It is very easy to let these slip through the net when there is a team working on legal and financial due diligence.

How Can QR Ventures Help?

We can undertake any financial due diligence and specific management issues you need investigating.

What we will not do:

You will receive both a written report for use by any of the stakeholders, and verbal communication.

After a review of the due diligence there will probably be opportunities to renegotiate the sale price and this will /should save the due diligence costs.

Contact our team of due diligence advisors today to find out the facts. All our team have a wealth of knowledge and experience and are here to help. Call now on 0330 053 6790.

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